Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm going to try and catch up on some of the things we have been doing lately. We've been a bit busy lately and have not had a lot of time for blogging.
We went camping and boating at Yuba Lake with the Shirts Fam and the Hodges Fam last week. It was pretty fun...a little windy which made all our meals sand flavored, but fun none the less.
We hate our tent. The poles are so hard to get in and out. Matt was still able to flash a smile while setting it up. We officially decided to get a new tent before our next camping trip.

I don't know if we should actually admit this but we tied Charlie to a tree. We were so nervous being so close to water, and he's such a fast little guy, so we tied him up. We only did it for about a half hour while we got everything set up. You can see in the picture, he's not too pleased about it. On the bright side, he did amazing sleeping in the tent. He didn't cry the entire night...even through the strong winds that were trying to blow our tent over. We were surprised and thankful.

Winston really enjoyed riding on the tube with me. Then he got a ride with Dad and they went a little crazy going in and out of the wake. He ended up in tears and in my lap the rest of that boat ride.

Picture of the lake. We had no idea this lake was only 45 minutes from our house. Who knew?

Matt, Scott and Dan hanging out at our campsite.


Nat said...

man, I want to go camping before it gets too cold!! i think that tent is the same as my parents that we usually borrow, I think maybe it is the person trying to put the tent up that might have the problem! We seem to do just fine with it! :) hahaha

Lisa said...

Fun! I've seen signs for Yuba lake, but we've never been. I think it's really funny that you tied Charlie to a tree, and it was for his own good anyway! Once, at the airport, I used one of those child harnesses on Heidi, and the lady at the ticket counter made a comment about making sure not to choke her with it; as if it was around her neck! So, as long as you didn't tie him up by his neck, I think you're okay. :)

Melissa said...

OK - Charlie being tied to the tree is CLASSIC. He's so going to use that against you guys one day.
It's brilliant though...I may start tieing Luc to our couch everyday.

Angie Penrose said...

Looks like fun!! You're actually having summer there?! Still raining here! I think someone missed the memo that it's supposed to be warm and sunny during august. Charlie tied to a tree-hilarious! Atleast he was safe right? By the way... I am tagging you. You have to write 8 interesting things about you on your blog and then pass it on to 4 others. Just what you wanted to do huh! Love ya!