Thursday, August 09, 2007

The McGhies strike again

We went to the Fiesta Days parade with some friends from our neighborhood. After the parade, they headed off to the carnival (we'd already been) and we headed home. Unfortunately for them, we spotted their Suburban on our way out.

At least we left a note. Later, we found out they really thought it was broken when they first saw it from down the street. We have been told they will be seeking revenge. We say "bring it!"


Nat said...

Hey there McGhies!! Happy to see you are bloggers! I'm kind of a blogaholic, so you better keep yours updated because I will be checking it daily!:) Looks like you guys have had some fun, I love the broken window thing on the suburban. That's funny! and the blubber looks like fun. Man, i wonder what crazy mom would put blubber on their face! That swimming pool looks like fun, you need to give us another invite sometime! We just went to lagoon last monday for kade's birthday, fun stuff. Well, i guess this wisecrack is long enough! I expect to be seeing some comments from you now on my blog, oh by the way I like your blog template! (its the same as mine)

Lisa said...

Steff! I love blogging! I'm new at it, but I think it's so fun! I'm going to add your blog to my list. :) You guys make me laugh. You are such fun people. I've been saying this for like 2 years now, but we really should get together. We only live like 10 minutes away!

tyler said...

I'm not too wise, but I think i've got some crack! HA HA HA!! Tyler was here!!! It's good to see you are still alive. p.s. Matt, I am ready for whatever you've got this year in the Pigskin brawl, so in your words..."bring it!!"