Monday, August 06, 2007


Matt's company had a family Lagoon Day last month. It was stinkin' hot but we had soooo much fun. Matt and I really enjoyed watching the kids on the rides. Thanks Ampien for the great day!
This was C's first ride. He was all smiles when he got in and then, when it actually started moving, he was so excited he kept his mouth open the entire ride. It was really funny and cute.

Once he caught on to the whole ride thing, C had a hard time waiting in line. He wanted to get on the rides and go as fast as he could. Each time we had to wait for a ride, he would cry and point and try to get out of our arms and run to it.

W had a blast as well. Being a little older and wiser, he was able to exercise a little more patience waiting for the rides but he loved them every bit as much as C. It was so fun.

Even I had to jump on and enjoy some of the rides. The last half of the day we spent at Lagoona Beach. It felt so good to cool down after walking around in the heat all day. All in all, it was a very successful Lagoon adventure.

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