Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funny Little Man

Winston told me a few jokes in the car on the way to preschool today. I don't think he could quite remember exactly how the punch lines were supposed to go. That made them even funnier. I thought I would share them on here for a little laugh...

Winston: Knock Knock

Mom: Who's there?

Winston: Little Old Lady

Mom: Little Old Lady Who

Winston: I didn't know you could wobble

Winston: Knock Knock

Mom: Who's there?

Winston: Banana

Mom: Banana who?

Winston: Knock Knock

Mom: Who's there?

Winston: Banana

Mom: Banana who?

Winston: Knock Knock

Mom: Who's there?

Winston: Are you glad I didn't say banana?

Fabulous Four...

Just had to write a quick post about how great the last four days have been. Charlie has been so happy and pretty well behaved. Saturday, we went to Matt's softball game and C sat nicely on my lap almost the entire time (we were there almost 45 minutes). That is like a MIRACLE. Really. It was so wonderful to just sit there and visit with the other women and watch the game. Then we went to the park and played afterward and he had a ton of fun. Sunday was so smooth! I didn't have to take him out of Sacrament once and he was so happy all day! Yesterday and today have been great too! The biggest difference has been how happy he is. He's been laughing a lot and playing. It's been such a lighthearted four days. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the decent weather and lots of playing outside. Whatever it is, I'm very thankful and happy. Hope you are all having a wonderful week as well!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Friday

This product may or may not be exciting to you depending on if you have kids (or spend a lot of time with kids) and what their ages are. We love it at our house.

My kids always want to hold the bottle of bubbles and blow them all by themselves. This pretty much always results in the entire bottle getting spilled all over them and the ground within the first 5 minutes. This results in crying, a mess to clean up and no more bubbles to play with later.

I was first introduced to this wonderful invention at Charlie's playgroup. It's a No-Spill Bubble Tumbler. The little bubble wand fits in a little slot in the top and the container can get turned upside down or dropped and NO SPILLS! It really works! I went and bought a couple of the mini tumblers (perfect size for little hands) for my kids and we are all loving it. Charlie is in heaven since he was never allowed to even attempt to hold the bottle of bubbles by himself. They also have some other varieties besides the regular size tumbler and the mini tumblers (which are only $1.99 at Target). You can click on the link above to get a complete list of all their cool products and the stores closest to you that carry them. I added a couple more pics of products we are going to try out soon below...

Mini Tumblers

No Spills!

Have some friends over to play with the Giant Tumbler with three wands!

What little boy wouldn't like this bubble gun with a holster?! What Mom wouldn't like that it doesn't leak or spill bubble solution all over their clothes?!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on Charlie

A lot of people have been asking about Charlie so I thought I would post what has been going on with him on here.
We've been working with several therapists to improve his speech, behavioral problems and his sensory issues. I don't know how well they are working. I just keep doing it because I don't know what else to do. Every Tue and Thur, we have a group therapy/playgroup with other kids. I feel like he has improved in his group behavior in this particular setting. I don't really see improvement in other group settings but we'll keep trying. I ended up crying during the first playgroup, made it out to the car before crying the second playgroup and I don't even really feel like crying during the playgroup these days so it must be getting better, right? :)
We have gotten some interesting ideas from the Occupational Therapist for his sensory problems. A lot of times, if we spin him around or do something really physical with him before changing his diaper or trying get him dressed, he will put up a lot less of a fight. This is nice to know because Matt, Winston and I have recently finished healing from all the scratches and gouges on our hands, backs, arms and faces from when Charlie gets upset. I think I got a couple more on my face today when he got upset but nothing too bad. There are a number of things like that she gave us to try. Hopefully some of these ideas are going to help make life a little smoother. *crossing fingers*
Charlie was tested for the special education preschool that will begin this Fall. The testing went as expected. The maximum number of days a child can qualify for is 4 days. That would be for a child that really needs help. Charlie qualified for 4 days. I expected it and I'm really grateful he will get so much help. They have in class therapists and the teacher is supposed to be amazing. One of his current therapists said she has seen some fantastic changes in kids that have gone through this preschool program. However, it's hard to think about sending my little Charlie off to school 4 days a week without me. He still seems so little and I want to be there to comfort him and help him. I'm really emotionally torn but I do think the preschool is going to be good for him. The whole thing just sort of feels like someone is twisting and pulling on my heart and it hurts . I try to be optomistic like Matt but I think it is harder when you are the one home with your child 24 hours a day. We'll see what happens.

He's a sweet, sweet little boy but he just has a lot going on in that little body of his. We have decided it will be best to try a new seizure medication starting at the beginning of May. I know it is probably going to turn our lives upside down (even more) with the side effects and trying to find the right meds but we've got to get the seizures under control. We've tried everything else we can think of without success and we are back to the medication route. Several of his therapists think that if we can get the seizures under control, a lot of the other things will improve. They are wreaking havock on his little body. Keep him in your prayers if you can. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support through this.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Favorite Friday

I'm going to (try to) start sharing one of my favorite things each Friday. Mostly just to make sure I keep up on posting. I don't want our blog to get TOO boring. Today is a great day to start this because I have a very blog worthy product to post about.

My totally awesome neighbor, Sandy, told me about this Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach yesterday. She also gave me some to try out. It was perfect timing because I was cleaning all the bathrooms in preparation for my parents to stay here tonight. We have hard water at our house and it leaves some pretty ugly remnants in the toilet sometimes. Mostly in the kid's bathroom that doesn't really get used very often. The lack of flushing creates more hard water stains. I have tried many products and methods to get rid of the stains but was never really impressed...until yesterday! This toilet bowl cleaner rules! I put a generous coat in each of the toilets and left them overnight. When I checked this morning, they were all clean! No scrubbing, no pumice stone, no reaching in the nasty toilet. Just squirt and go to bed. Amazing! That's all I can say.
I really probably shouldn't admit that my toilets get icky stains sometimes but, come on, I have one 1-2 hour break per day to do about 500 things (while Charlie sleeps) and I can't seem to get my toilets scrubbed every day. So, sue me. It's impossible to do it while Charlie is awake, just in case you were wondering. The bathroom is a danger zone when Charlie is there and I can't let him run around the house because he is into anything and everything. So, please don't judge. I just had to share this new product. If you've ever had toilet cleaning issues, I would highly recommend running to the store immediately and getting some!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye Elder and Sister Butler

We've been lucky enough to have my parents serve their mission in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It has been so fun to have them so close and to get together so often. They are wrapping up their mission this week and heading back to Washington. We are sad to see them go. Here are a few pictures of our rendezvous...
We got a babysitter and met up at the Cheesecake Factory. To make it even better, we all had gift cards from my sister from Christmas. Free, delicious food...does it get any better? Thanks Lorri!

We were able to go last Saturday and check out the library where they have been serving. It was pretty amazing. The church really has some amazing resources to help people do their family history. It has been fun to hear all the stories and experiences my parents have had while serving there.
Mom, Dad and Winston outside the real pioneer cabin outside the Family History Library

After the library, we ate pizza at my parent's and then went to Memory Grove Park. It was a beautiful park with some really neat memorials. There were a lot of people walking and playing with their dogs. The kids had a great time checking out the dogs and throwing rocks in the water with Dad. He was so nice to take Charlie duty (C just wanted to run away and jump in the pond) and let me visit peacefully with my parents.

We're going to miss you Mom and Dad!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Job Change

Many of you may know this, but some may not. Matt changed jobs... again. We chuckle as the winds of change push us around. Matt has had a few different jobs in the last 18 months, but, fortunately for us, each has been a step forward in Matt's career (at least we hope so).

Matt is now working for a software company in Springville called Q90 Corporation. He is the sales team there. The company is small (apx 25 people) and very cozy. He works with a great group of guys that share our standards and are family-focused.

As we continue to deal with change and uncertainty in our various situations, we are ever aware of the many blessings we constantly receive and the wonderful friends, family and neighbors that support us.

And so begins another chapter in Matt's book of "What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?"

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I think I need a vacation

Soooo, recently I have developed an eye twitch. It comes and goes several times and day and sometimes it even switches eyes. Of course, I jumped on the internet and searched for some sort of reason for this occurance. Here's what I found...

"For most people eye twitching is not a serious condition and typically results from excessive fatigue or stress."

When I read that, all I could think about was that Disney movie "The Kid" and Bruce Willis' character that had the eye twitch that started when he was young. I think it started when his Dad would yell at him all the time. Then, it would happen throughout his life when things started getting stressful. I think it finally went away when he and his kid self saw their older self and found out they ended up being successful and happy (and that they owned a dog). I just remember Bruce Willis yelling "I AM NOT A LOSER!!"

I guess I just need to figure out how to not be a loser. Then, maybe my eye twitch will go away?

Just to clarify...my eye isn't constantly twitching all the time. It's an occasional twitch that last a few seconds. Hopefully, I don't look to freakish. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008


We love it...

Easter 2008

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Winston and Rhoman waiting for the Dads to hide the eggs

Anxiously awaiting the "go" signal

Winston scoring an egg

Charlie's a little upset that Dad is trying to make him find more eggs. He just wants to stop and rip into the one that he found.

Easter Morning


Charlie checking out the goods

Dad helping W put on is new Spiderman bike helmet and pads

We went up to Kristen's for Easter dinner with the McGhies. It's always nice because they always welcome my parents to come to all their family dinners and my parents enjoy coming. They get along so well. It makes things really easy on us. :) We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed wonderful company.

It was also our last family dinner with Matt's parents before they left for their mission to Nauvoo. They are there now and doing very well. This is a picture of them in their Pioneer clothes they GET to wear. :)
Coloring Eggs

If the date was correct on this post, it would show we did this the day after Easter for FHE. At least we did it at all, right?

W dipping his egg

Mom and W

Some of our masterpieces