Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Friday

This product may or may not be exciting to you depending on if you have kids (or spend a lot of time with kids) and what their ages are. We love it at our house.

My kids always want to hold the bottle of bubbles and blow them all by themselves. This pretty much always results in the entire bottle getting spilled all over them and the ground within the first 5 minutes. This results in crying, a mess to clean up and no more bubbles to play with later.

I was first introduced to this wonderful invention at Charlie's playgroup. It's a No-Spill Bubble Tumbler. The little bubble wand fits in a little slot in the top and the container can get turned upside down or dropped and NO SPILLS! It really works! I went and bought a couple of the mini tumblers (perfect size for little hands) for my kids and we are all loving it. Charlie is in heaven since he was never allowed to even attempt to hold the bottle of bubbles by himself. They also have some other varieties besides the regular size tumbler and the mini tumblers (which are only $1.99 at Target). You can click on the link above to get a complete list of all their cool products and the stores closest to you that carry them. I added a couple more pics of products we are going to try out soon below...

Mini Tumblers

No Spills!

Have some friends over to play with the Giant Tumbler with three wands!

What little boy wouldn't like this bubble gun with a holster?! What Mom wouldn't like that it doesn't leak or spill bubble solution all over their clothes?!


Mike and Adrianne said...

I found the giant tumbler at a garage sale and we love it. I really like this idea of "Favorite Friday."

wendster said...


Oh my gosh I need some of that bubble solution the next time I buy some. Thanks for the heads up.

Re: Charlie. Thanks for the update. I'm thinking that the preschool setting is totally worth a try. You can always take him out if it isn't going well.

That's how we are going to do the kinder thing with our little guy. He's way behind the other kids with speech and his ability to answer questions and his behavior ... sigh ... but we are going to give kindergarten a try, and if he isn't showing the growth needed to be ready for 1st grade, he can always repeat, or we can just pull him out altogether and have him go the next fall.

Those are my thoughts.

You are doing a good job. Hang in there!!! It's tough having the kid that stands out from the crowd. I'm right there with you, girlfriend.