Friday, April 04, 2008

Easter 2008

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Winston and Rhoman waiting for the Dads to hide the eggs

Anxiously awaiting the "go" signal

Winston scoring an egg

Charlie's a little upset that Dad is trying to make him find more eggs. He just wants to stop and rip into the one that he found.

Easter Morning


Charlie checking out the goods

Dad helping W put on is new Spiderman bike helmet and pads

We went up to Kristen's for Easter dinner with the McGhies. It's always nice because they always welcome my parents to come to all their family dinners and my parents enjoy coming. They get along so well. It makes things really easy on us. :) We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed wonderful company.

It was also our last family dinner with Matt's parents before they left for their mission to Nauvoo. They are there now and doing very well. This is a picture of them in their Pioneer clothes they GET to wear. :)
Coloring Eggs

If the date was correct on this post, it would show we did this the day after Easter for FHE. At least we did it at all, right?

W dipping his egg

Mom and W

Some of our masterpieces

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