Friday, September 08, 2006

Lake Powell Rules

Hey All,

We wanted to share in some of the fun of our latest excursion. We received an invite from the Shelleys to accompany them to Lake Powell. We had a ball.

It all got off to a rather McGhie-esque rocky start...

... but after the rains subsided, we headed out to find our beach. We found the perfect setup and proceeded to have a rip roaring time.

A few family pics:

Lake Powell Part 2

Highlights included -

Cliff Jumping:

Rock Rolling:

Sliding off the back of the houseboat:

Feeding the carp:

Jet Ski rides:

...And WaterSkiing/Wakeboarding

... a few additional highlights:

We Have Grass!

After much sweat and labor (and ruining a few of Steff's kitchen knives) we have arrived... We have grass. Here are a few pictures from the fun...



We had a good time. Special thanks to the Shelley's/Demourd for their day-after-russia showing. They were a huge help.