Monday, August 06, 2007

Icelandic Days

Icelandic Monument here in Spanish Fork

Matt served his mission to Iceland. It is kind of nifty because, starting in 1855, a lot of LDS converts from Iceland emigrated to Utah with the majority of them settling in Spanish Fork. They have an Icelandic Association of Utah based here in SF that we are members of and they have Icelandic Days each Summer here in Spanish that we enjoy attending. This year the main event was at the park where we had some authentic Icelandic Food (I'll have Matt write what it was...I'm not even going to attempt...), we got to look at and pet the Icelandic Sheep, and they had a nice program with the Icelandic Children's Choir performing. It was a pretty fun day. They even have a monument here in Spanish (above) commemorating the first Icelandic settlement in the United States. The lighthouse is a replica on an Icelandic lighthouse and contains a Viking ship on top with the 16 original Icelandic immigrants names etched into the monument.
When we first moved to Spanish Fork in 2005, some additions were finished on the monument and President Hinckley came here to dedicate it. We were lucky enough to attend that event. It's been neat for Matt to have the opportunity to keep in touch with the people and some of the culture from his mission. I guess it was meant to be that we moved to Spanish Fork!

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Mike and Adrianne said...

Ha. You are officially a Spanish Forkian. I could tell because you called it "Spanish" minus the Fork.

Looks like fun. I actually have never visited the monument but I've driven by it tons of times. It is nice that Matt can still have some of the culture from his mission.