Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I feel young again

I took the kids to the park tonight to watch Matt's softball game. We had a good time and played on the toys afterward. Matt drove the Jeep and I was on the bike with the kids in the trailer behind me and we were "racing" home. Matt turned up one street and I decided to take another one to beat him (not that I even had a chance). About a minute after our parting, part of my foot got tangled in the bike chain and the handle bars turned sideways and I ate it on the cement. C started crying and W was yelling "are you okay Mom? are you okay Mom?" I jumped up, looked around to make sure no one saw the wreck and gave a little laugh (for my kid's sake) and said "I'm fine, I'm okay!" until they calmed down. Then I checked out my skinned knee, gouged heel, scraped hands and torn baby toenail to asssess the damage. It smarted a little but I think my pride was hurt the most. I got home and told Matt about what happened and, after a small laugh, he helped me bandage up my wounds. I told him I don't think I have wrecked on bike since I was little girl. It made me feel like a kid again. I even get to have bandaids on! :)


Angie Penrose said...

Steff-Lol! I'm sorry you wrecked on your bike. That sounds like it hurt. I have to admit I was smiling while reading. :)

Nat said...

Yeah that's pretty sad, but also I have to admit too, pretty funny! It's just not too often you would see a mom pulling her kids, biff it so hard. Gotta love it.