Sunday, August 12, 2007

Free Charlie to a good home

Does that seem mean? Sorry if it does. Today has just been one of those days where I wonder if this kid is for real. We started out the morning getting ready for church. It all went fairly smooth since I was actually responsible enough (for once) to lay out everyone's church clothes and iron everything the night before. (Matt has early morning meetings and I usually only see him up close for a few minutes at church each week.) We got to church...again, all going fairly well. Halfway through Sacrament meeting, C has some pretty gnarly seizures and ends up throwing up (an occasional side effect of the bad ones). I'm still optimistic about our day as I clean it all up with wet wipes. Towards the end of the meeting, C gets a stinky diaper. I drag both kids to the bathroom, get it changed and go to wash my hands, leaving C strapped on the changing tables. (I love whoever thought of including a buckle on those things.) While I'm washing, I glance at C just as puke-mania begins. Let's just say lots of puke, soaked clothes, my signal that it's time to bail and go home. By this time, Sacrament Meeting is over so I go in and find Matt while everyone is looking at my puke drenched son in my arms. I send W to Sunbeams and head home. You would think my troubles would be over. Not when you've got a kid like C-man. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost sympathy for sick kids. I like to rock mine and help them any way I can when they are feeling crummy. I don't want to anyone to think I'm a monster mom after reading this. The thing is, C is just puking and running around happy as a clam. He doesn't seem sick at all. In fact, I feel like his energy has increased ten fold and he's into EVERYTHING today! Since we came home from church, here are a few of the things he has accomplished...

Emptying a bag of Saltine Crackers all over the kitchen floor

Poking in the lid of his sippy cup and pouring the entire contents on the carpet...oh, just did this again with W's sippy cup

Finding a bottle of bath soap I just bought and pouring the whole bottle on the kitchen floor

Puking on, not one, but both our couches. LOTS of it.

Opening and crumbling a chocolate bar all over the floor that he found in the cooler from our camping trip yesterday

Squirting A&D Ointment all over himself and the carpet

Playing with the stick of hair wax...again, all over his body, hair and our carpet and couch

Unrolling a roll of paper towels while I was trying to clean up the puke on the couch

Grabbing the pile of paper towels I had just used to clean up the puke and running away laughing while all the contents (puke) fell all over the floor for me to clean up again

Dumping out my big hospital mug full of water onto my bedroom nightstand and carpet

Repeatedly turning the dishwasher off while I'm trying to run it

Repeatedly unplugging the vacuum while I am trying to clean up his messes with it

Pulling half the stuff off one of the pantry shelves and throwing it on the floor

Dumping the container of grapes from Costco all over the kitchen floor

Getting in the fridge and pulling a number of condiments out of the door...I caught him before he could pour them out

There you go. I'd like to say this is unusual behavior for C. However, this is a fairly typical day, minus the puking. Luckily, he has a cute little smile and gives some mighty big hugs. I was just telling Matt the other day that God must have made kids cute to save their lives. I've got a few more stories on the C subject but they will have to wait for another day. Matt just got home from his church meetings...yes, it's almost 5pm and he started at 7am this morning. I'm going to spend time with another adult for a few minutes. TBC...


Kristen said...

STEFF!! You are the woman! I remember telling Robert goodbye as he headed to a graveyard shift at work one night. My 2 toddlers came out of their beds to tell dad bye, but instead threw up down the stairs. Including and mostly on the pretty black wrought iron railing. Robert headed out with an attempt at a sincere apology and I gagged while trying to clean it up at midnite.(I was preg)I've never forgotten it and it was only a hundreth of the trauma of your Sunday. Wow! You want Sam to play with Charlie for awhile?

Mike and Adrianne said...

What an awful day but it sounds like Sunday wasn't the only awful day. As you know from a post on my blog awhile ago, Isaac is my hard one--but he isn't old enough to do half the stuff Charlie did yesterday. I hope it gets better. You are a much more patient woman than I am!

Katie said...

Steff, I shouldn't have laughed when I read this post, but I did. It's crazy how active they can still be even when they are puking everywhere. I put all these blankets on the floor the other day when Marcus was sick and we watched Cars over and over again. I kept saying, "Isn't sitting on the blankets fun? Let's stay on the blankets, okay?" Uggh, all in an effort to preserve my carpet for one more day. I wish you the best!!

Nat said...

What to say to that, but thank you. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that wants to give my kids away more often than not!! But seriously, that is quite the day! You go girl!!

Elizabeth Shelley said...

You are a SUPERMOM!!!!!

Lisa said...

And, he probably got into something else while you were writing this blog, didn't he? What a busybody! Hopefully... maybe... someday... you can laugh about these things. :)

Angie Penrose said...

I always tell my kids it's a good thing they are cute! I might give mine away somedays too. I hate to admit it, but I also got a little chuckle out of your post. Wish I was there to help you. Did the couches recover?