Saturday, February 02, 2008

My week so far...and it's only Monday

The first part of this week has been interesting. Since Matt was out of town on Sunday, I went up to go to church with my parents. They are on a mission in Salt Lake. We arrived at the building and walked into their very quiet ward made up entirely of Senior Missionaries. I figured it would be a pretty interesting meeting with my two kids there. We chose the pew with nobody directly behind us and a door nearby. Unfortunately, the chapel's light switches were right there on the wall by us. Before we even had a chance to sit down, Charlie ran over and turned the lights on and off several times. I saw a lot of people look back but, luckily, most of them were smiling. So, we settle in and make it to the point where the Senior Missionary Men are passing the Sacrament without too many mishaps. My Dad was manning one end of the pew and my Mom was on the other side leaving me in the middle to wrestle the kids. Somehow, in the middle of the passing of the Sacrament, Charlie crawled under the bench between my Dad and my legs and made it to the aisle. Before I realized what was happening, he was making a beeline for the stand. He actually made it up on the stand by the Bishopric before I caught him. I grabbed him and walked down the aisle and straight out the door...totally embarrassed. While waiting in the foyer for the Sacrament to end, Charlie grabbed my necklace and ripped it off me sending black beads of all sizes flying everywhere. He found this hilarious. It was no easy task bending down to pick them up in a skirt with C trying to escape out of my arms. I went to retrieve one near a big easel with a big poster advertising some ward event and Charlie stuck out his arm and knocked it over (yes, on purpose). I got that set back up and the Sacrament ended so I decided to make my way back in to try to hear some part of what the speakers had prepared. That lasted about 5 minutes because Charlie started screaming when I wouldn't let him crawl under the bench again. I managed to find a Mother's room that was empty! That never happens at our building. Anyway, he was okay in there for a few minutes but kept trying to escape out the door. I sat on the floor in front of it and let him throw his fit. I guess my Dad must have heard him because he came and knocked on the door and offered to take him on a walk. He had been offering to take him the whole meeting but I never like to have someone else watch C because he can be such a stinker. Anyway, he took him for a walk outside and around the building until the meeting was over. I guess at one point Charlie was running down the hall and my Dad was chasing after him and one of the other Senior Missionaries said "You're going to have run faster than that, Grandpa." Pretty funny.

We made it home after that and I put Charlie down for a nap. A few minutes of peace...Yippee. My Mom and I got dinner ready and we all had just sat down to eat when Charlie saunters out of the room he was in. One of his latest tricks is getting out of his crib. My plan to eat a peaceful dinner was foiled. From there, Charlie just went from one thing to the next tearing my parent's condo apart. I was thinking about spending the night but decided I better just get him home. When he threw up on their carpet, it kind of sealed the deal for me. Anyway, it was funny because my brother was there visiting as well and he was coming up with all these ideas to slow Charlie down. He thinks we should put some of those leg weights on him and maybe he won't run around and get into as much stuff, PLUS his legs will be really strong. :) I got big laughs out of that. I wish I would have been able to visit with my brothers and parents a little more but I'm glad I was able to be there and to see everyone.

I wrote this earlier in the week but I didn't want to post it until Matt was back in town. You can never be too careful. Matt has been gone skiing in Whistler for the entire week. He's going to be home today and it is none too soon. I've had sick kids ALL week and haven't been able to go out and do anything. Not even the gym. I think I'm about to lose my mind. Thank goodness this we survived the week!


Nat said...

Man steff, i think you are just wonder woman!! To be able to handle all the trouble Charlie gets into, and still be a great mom and wife and friend and everything else! You are GREAT! So just remember that when you are about to go crazy. I am glad Matt is back and think you need to plan a week long trip, I would go with you somewhere! You deserve it. Well, hope you have a relaxing sunday.

Josie said...

Ahh...this is my future with Jake I see. You are amazing! I'm glad Matt is back and I second the vote for you to go somewhere for a week now! How about Russia??

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

Oh Steff... I wish I could have come down and stayed and helped you. Please never hesitate to call! You are the best of the best.

lisa lamb said...

ok Steff - that post wore me out just reading it! So what drugs are you taking to survive each day? j/k You guys are fabulous parents...I think we could all learn a lesson in patience and humor. Take care

Randy & Melanie said...

We had rough Sundays but that takes the cake. However, last Sunday Ethan fell and bloodied his lip all over my brand new white blouse. After he fell head-first off a table we called it quits and took him home for a nap.
I like the leg weights idea.

Melissa said...

The leg weights idea is AWESOME. Please try it! That is hilarious and would work! Maybe.
You don't need to go to the gym 1. because you are skinny minnie and 2. I think C gives you a pretty good workout, no need for a treadmill with him on your hands!
We need to go to jump on least try it.

Doris and Del said...

From the Mom,
Church that day was alittle different
than usual. I had many say how cute
C was and how he amused them, (lites out, running up to the Bishop during Sac. being passed) Nobody would trade places with you though. Your a trooper and glad you came. I love every sec. we can spend together.
Your favorite mom loves you.