Saturday, November 03, 2007

First day of preschool

Winston had his first day of preschool on September 4. He goes to the "Smart Stuff" preschool in Salem. We both love it!

This was their first field trip up Payson Canyon to go leaf collecting and learn about nature. There are eight kids in his class but on field trip days, Ms. Tonya combines the morning and afternoon classes. She has some fun matching blue shirts for the kids to wear so she can keep track of them when they go on outings. I had the opportunity to go along on this one and help out. It was really fun. The kids are so cute.

They even have their own little blue school bus. It's so funny. Winston was in heaven when he found out he got to ride on the bus.

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Nat said...

YEAH!!! So good to see you are still alive in the blogging world.(I just saw you on Halloween, so I know you're alive for real) I enjoyed reading all the catch ups. I LOVE the blue school bus! That is awesome. And it sounds like you guys had a really fun time for your dad's birthday! Now don't slack behind again just because you did like 10 posts at once!