Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just call me Grandma

Yes, it's official...I'm 30 years old! I had a great birthday. On Saturday morning, some of my girlfriends took me out for my favorite breakfast at Magelbys. Yum! It was so fun. I feel so blessed to have such great friends here. That night, we went out with my parents and Matt's parents to my favorite restaraunt...Teppanyakis. Another yum! We had a really nice time with the parentals. Matt and I are so happy they get along so well. They are such wonderful and amazing people. We feel so lucky to have them.
Sunday, the Bishop let Matt out of his morning meetings so he could help me get the kids ready for church. It might seem kind of silly but it was soooo nice. He also had short meetings after church and was able to get home pretty early! He made me a yummy lasagna dinner and let me take a nap while he and Winston made me a cute birthday cake. There were many nice phone calls and emails from family and friends. Thanks everyone for making it so special.
I almost forgot about the present Matt gave me. Even though I knew about it, I'm still totally excited. We are going to San Francisco next June so we can swim in Sharkfest. Sharkfest is a 1.5 mile swim from Alcatrez back to the shore. My 5 brothers and sisters are also doing this swim in June. I think it will be tough but it will be really awesome to accomplish something like that. My family has nicknamed Matt "sharkbait." He's not a big swimmer but he's working hard and I know he's going to do great! :) I'm really proud of him for trying! It was the perfect gift and I can't wait to go!!

Yes, I'm looking real nice Clark. Real nice.I decided, since it was my birthday, I could spend the whole day (after church) in my favorite PJ pants and sweatshirt. Go Enumclaw! :)


TuneQueen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Randy & Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Steff! You look great for a 30-year old. Just kidding. You are gorgeous.
"Enum! Enum! Claw, claw, claw!!"
(Yes, I still remember it)

Nat said...

Sounds like a great birthday!! glad it went good for you.

Julie said...

yay! happy birthday grandma! im so jealous that you went to tepanyaki. yummy!!! sounds like you have your hands full with charlie. poor little guy. so what CAN he eat? do you think he will grow out of it? i feel so sad for him. he's such a little doll. and ps. i love that he was kicking you in the face and sweating. wouldn't you do that if you were him??? miss you guys.

McGhie Family said...

Thanks everyone!

Mel- I'm very impressed you still remember the good old Enumclaw cheer. :)

Julie- Yes, our hands are kinda full with Charlie. I mostly feel bad for him. He can eat, uh, rice and rice flour pancakes with substitute egg powder that tastes like fish and medicine. Yummy! We decided to gradually ease him into the diet after he wouldn't eat for two days when we started. He should grow out of it, so there's hope!
Are you guys ever coming this way to visit? We'd love to hang out! I want to see your new little cutie.