Tuesday, November 20, 2007


How can one little person be so fun and so sweet and make me so happy and then make me want to tear my hair out other times? This kid keeps our life interesting. So, here's the latest and greatest with Charlie.

We took him to an allergist a couple weeks ago. I was so worried we would find out he was allergic to dairy products. The appt. was pretty much a nightmare. I ended up having to lay on top of him to pin him down so the allergist could poke his hand over and over and over. This went on for about and hour while Charlie fought tooth and nail the ENTIRE time. The lady was worried I was getting hurt because C kept kicking me in the face and body. He was drencehd in sweat and his hair was matted to his head. I felt so bad but managed to hold it together until I got out to the car. The results? Charlie is allergic to wheat, all dairy, eggs, soy, goat's milk/cheese, corn, certain sugars, certain dyes, preservatives and tomatoes. Not sure if I left anything out but you get the point. I still don't even know what to say about this. We are gradually trying to figure out how to change his diet and hope that it will help his seizures. He's such a sweet boy, it seems so unfair for him.

Winston and Charlie have been playing together a bit more lately. They still fight a lot but it's so rewarding to see them enjoy each other and laugh together. It makes it all worth it.

Charlie is as "busy" as ever. He is into EVERYTHING. He never stops. This picture is from yesterday when he knocked over the kid gate (meant to keep him out of the pantry) and got into the powdered eggs. His latest thing is to open the oven door and either reapetedly slam it shut or climb up on it and get up on the counter. This gives him access to all the things we put up there to keep out of his reach. You wouldn't believe how fast he is. Look away for 2 seconds and you can bet he's going to be making a mess of something. He also loves to get in the fridge and pull the eggs or condiments out onto the floor or open the dishwasher and pull out dishes and run as fast as he can with whatever he managed to snatch. For some reason, he usually goes for the knives. I chase after him and take them away and he laughs and laughs. He loves it. I put him in time out and he usually laughs while he's sitting there. Any advice from any of you is very welcome. :) We have to lock all the bathroom doors because he gets in the toilets or the tub and turns on the water. He's one crazy kid. He definitely keeps our lives exciting. He really is a fun kid and he makes us laugh more than anything. We're so happy to have him even if he makes us drop into bed exhausted every night. :) I think it may be paybacks for all the trouble Matt gave his parents growing up. He he.


Nat said...

Man!! I get exhausted just reading about Charlie's adventures! He is such a cutie though! And how about those allergies! Poor kid and more so, poor parents. I can't even imagine how hard that would be to have to be so careful with what you fix!! Will he ever grow out of any of the allergies? Is that even possible? I don't know. Good luck with everything, I hope this is able to help his seizures.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Steff, you are such a good mom. I can't believe how much you have to deal with and you are so positive about it. I honestly think I would go out of my mind. Do they think changing his eating will stop the seizures? Poor Charllie, and poor Steff.

Melissa said...

Steff! You are super mom. I don't have to read your blog to know that though.
Charlie is so lucky to have you guys. I hope this new knowledge (as tough as it seems) helps with his seizures. He is always in our prayers.