Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Annual River Trail Ward Turkey Bowl

The weather was so incredibly beautiful yesterday. It was perfect for our ward Turkey Bowl. There was a great turnout and it seemed like everyone had a fun time. After the game, all the players and their fams enjoyed breakfast together in the nearby pavilion. All in all, it was a nice way to enjoy the awesome weather on a Saturday morning. Above are a few pictures of my sweet baby "bringing it" during the game.
*Pictures courtesy of our ward photographer, Jack Petersen. I borrowed them from the RIVER TRAIL WARD PHOTO BLOG.

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Nat said...

Matt, you animal!! Looks like fun. It was fun seeing winston's birthday pictures too, that was quite the crew of kids you had!! That looks like a fun idea for a birthday though. So, I didn't know the Woodwards were definately moving up to those houses, did they sell their house? And have they already started on one?