Friday, March 21, 2008

Time Out For Women

I had the opportunity to go to Time Out For Women with my Mom and Sisters in Idaho Falls a couple weeks ago. It all seemed very rushed and we didn't get to spend nearly enough time together but it was great. We had some big laughs and heard some fantastic music and talks. The all star lineup included Sheri Dew, Emily Watts, Chris Stewart, Wendy Watson Nelson, Jason Wright, Sharon G. Larsen, S. Michael Wilcox, Mercy River, Kenneth Cope and Jenny Oaks Baker. We are already planning our next girl's trip...a Time Out For Women Cruise! Hopefully the stars will align and we can make it happen. :)
This is a picture of us in our totally awesome seats. We got in line early and had a game plan to split up and rush the doors when they opened to get the best seats. 8th row...need I say more?

Just hanging out with Kenneth Cope

We were lucky enough to be at the first Time Out For Women that included the new singing group Mercy River. Some of you may recogonize one of the group's members as Spanish Fork's own Whitney Permann. She did awesome and it was really fun to see her perform. How would it be...beautiful, talented and she makes a mean gingerbread house. I was able to snag a Mercy River CD at the TOFW presale and I have to say I love it. Click here and buy yourself a copy today. You won't regret it. :)

The fam with Mercy River

We sort of waited until the last minute (literally) to drop Lorri off at the airport to catch her flight. Nobody was at the ticket counter and the security people said they may or may not come back before the flight was going to leave. This is a picture of Lorri and Wendi running in to catch the flight.

Lorri pacing nervously waiting for the ticket people

They came back in time for her to catch her flight and everything worked out. Phew! One last picture before she hopped the plane back to Washington. Thanks Mom, Lorri and Wendi for making the weekend happen. It was just what the Dr. ordered. :)


wendster said...

TOFW looks awesome! So glad you guys had girl time together.
Re: the 100+ posts:
My favorite What About Bob line: "He isn't gone. He's never gone!" and "I'm sailing!"
And I guarantee you that Charlie isn't the laugh about farts name, it's my hubby, Lee. Lol.
Nauvoo mission? Cool. Pent house suite in Vegas? Cool! So T or F who DID kiss who first?
And post 110 wasn't an actual fun fact. heh heh. I think you'll have to post one more.
Swing by and see me sometime. I'm not all that entertaining, but I share your unquenchable thirst for comments.
OH. and re the work title Super Duper Staffing Consultant, I have a funny for you. My nephew and his wife walk into the house and he's saying YOUR MOM IS UGLY ...but if she had a CAPE she'd be SUPER UGLY. Apparently it's a running gag. I think your hubby must wear a cape, yes?

Angie Penrose said...

I love TOFW! My friends and I are going to portland in october. I can't wait. I'm going to check out mercy river. I'm always in need of some good music! HOpe you're doing well. Loved the extra guy comment! :)