Monday, March 03, 2008

111 posts = 111 random things

So we've now posted to this site 111 times in our blogging career. We thought we'd honor such a neat number with an equally neat and random list of likes/dislikes, movie quotes, memories, observations, and about us’s you can get.

111 posts = 111 things.

This made for some good times trying to remember stuff, but it was not easy. We don’t expect anyone to read it all, but did it for the sake of doing it.

We would love to have anyone and everyone comment if so inclined. If you’re commenting on a certain entry, mark the number of the entry by the side of the comment.

And away we go….

1. We love to blog. More so, we love people to comment on our blog. What a weird thing. We write to try to provoke reactions from others. I’m sure there’s some sort of psychoanalysis that says we were starved for attention when we were young.
2. We love our kids, even though they can be a handful at times… but then again, what kid isn’t a handful at times.
3. We really think the name Schneebly is funny. It is from ‘School of Rock.’
4. We named our family Rock Band band ‘The Schneeblies.’
5. We hate confrontation. I think it’s the ‘youngest child’ in us.
6. By the way, we are both youngest children from large-ish families.
7. We like root beer. We’ve actually had ‘taste-offs’ on a couple of occasions where we buy some of every type of root beer we can get and put them in unlabeled cups. They are rated in categories of bite, smoothness, taste and overall rating. You should try it.
8. We were engaged after 3 weeks. Yeah, yeah. Heard it before.
9. We regularly quote the greats of moviedom, like What about Bob?, Better Off Dead, Raising Arizona, etc.
10. Steff likes chocolate or peanut butter in her ice cream. Matt likes fruit.
11. Matt can’t stand peanut butter. Don’t breathe when you’re around him if you’ve eaten it… you’ll be not liked. The most disgusting food ever created.
12. Matt doesn’t kiss Steff after certain ice cream outings (PB again).
13. We love throwing parties. We are always trying to think of new reasons to have a throw down. We’ve had Aebleskiver parties, crepe parties, omelet parties, dessert parties, FHE parties, Guitar Hero parties, pumpkin carving parties, gingerbread house making parties, etc (soon to come Rock Band parties). I guess they usually focus on either eating or something competitive, and the eating usually turns competitive. So, if you like competition, I guess we’re good friends to have.
14. Steff is an awesome swimmer and Matt is not. We’re swimming from Alcatraz to the main island this summer. Should be interesting.
15. “There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. My ex-wife loves him.” – What about Bob?
16. We have three cars. Steff drives the nicest – Dodge Grand Caravan with 80K+ miles. Matt drives a Honda Civic with 175K+ miles, and we have an old Jeep we drive around town in the summer.
17. We aspired to get a minivan. Steff’s dream car is a Honda Odyssey. Matt’s is a Jeep Rubicon.
18. We read quite a bit. We’ve both read every Louis L’Amour book ever. We actually read good stuff too. J
19. We like baths.
20. Our bathroom mirror is our vision board (always a work in progress).
21. We’ve lived in our house for almost three years and still have unpacked boxes.
22. We are both creatures of habit. At restaurants (or fast food) we pretty much find something we like and order it every time we go.
23. We share meals at restaurants, but try to tip like we ordered two.
24. We like the whole chocolate-caramel combination thing. We’re also into the mint chocolate world.
25. We still own an original Nintendo that works.
26. Schneebly. Still funny.
27. We’re gardeners. We have a garden. We grow stuff. You know what I’m talking about.
28. We watch TV. Actually, we probably watch too much TV. It’s all about the DVR. Continued on #86.
29. We are not musically inclined. At all. Nothing.
30. Steff has a weird thumb knuckle that she pops just by moving it. She unconsciously pops it many times a day. Its one of those little things I know about that makes her mine.
31. "I've been going to this high school for 7 and 1/2 years, I'm no dummy." – Better Off Dead
32. Steff can roll her tongue. Matt cannot, despite all of Steff’s insistence that it is really easy.
33. We have some pretty messed up conversations after midnight. I think the last one included tarantulas doing the robot dance. Hey, we thought it was funny.
34. We were 25 and 26 when we got married.
35. Steff and Matt have stayed in the penthouse suite at the MGM Grand in Vegas.
36. Steff makes some pretty wicked good peach fruit leather.
37. On a ski trip, Matt shattered his ring finger bone. He still had 2 days of skiing to go, so he had the Dr mold the cast around his ski pole so he could finish the week of skiing.
38. We are not very politically active. Aware? Yes. Active? No.
39. In our Provo apartment, we had a mattress in our front room that we rarely took out of there. We’d fall asleep on it 4 nights out of the week.
40. Matt has two companies of which he’s the president and founder. Neither has ever generated a penny of revenue.
41. Our kid’s favorite songs are Popcorn, ABCs, and Sunbeam.
42. The worst toy investment we ever made was this electric keyboard thing. It is so freakin’ loud and the kids love it. Grrrrr.
43. Most people spell Steff’s name wrong. It’s Steffani, not Stephanie. No biggie, just a clarification.
44. Steff can swim the length of a 50-meter pool on one breath. Think that’s easy? Go try it.
45. Matt’s niece got married before he did.
46. We own three iPods. We haven’t paid for a single one of them. And we didn’t steal them.
47. “H.I., you're young and you got your health, what you want with a job?” – Raising Arizona
48. We are both right handed.
49. It took us like 6 months to pick a color for our front room. We found one, put a quick coat of paint, and liked it. It’s been about 3 months and we still haven’t finished.
50. When Steff and Matt were dating, Steff would regularly leave a loaf of warm bread outside his bedroom door for him to find when he woke up.
51. We buy stuff off ebay all the time.
52. Charlie and Winston are 22 month apart, yet weigh the same and wear the same sized clothes.
53. Matt has read all 8 of the books in the Ender Wiggin series.
54. Matt and Steff have driven in a car going 145mph on a freeway.
55. Currently, in our primary email accounts, we have a combined total of 10,516 emails in the Inboxes, 3,146 in our Spam folders, and 2,310 emails in our Sent folders.
56. You’ve got to love the Schneebly Meister.
57. Steff is from Washington state, but has lived in multiple places across the country.
58. Matt lived in Iceland for two years.
59. We plan on owning (if even partially) a cabin by a lake some day.
60. We both prefer cotton.
61. We have tried to plan on numerous occasions, but have not yet been successful, a trip to Havasupai in Az. It is one of our ‘dream’ destinations.
62. Winston was due exactly 9 months after our wedding day.
63. “Bueller? … Bueller? … Bueller?” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
64. We enjoy the outdoors. We try to have s’mores cookouts in our backyard fire bowl a few times every summer.
65. We’ve been to a Clay Aiken concert.
66. We subscribe to three magazines – the Ensign, the Friend and Family Circle.
67. We disagree on what to top our grapefruits with. Matt tops his gfruits with powdered sugar and Steff with salt. Neither of us is willing to even budge on this one. Matt is afraid the kids are going to learn their mother’s habits on this one and he doesn’t like it one bit. Can we get some input here? Any help is appreciated.
68. On a ski trip, Matt split his head open. He had his buddies put three stitches in his head with a sewing needle and thread.
69. Steff was a flight attendant for Sky West Airlines.
70. Matt’s daily commute is approx 90 miles.
71. We both own what we feel are ‘fat pants.’ When we wear these, we feel fat. Unfortunately, both our wardrobes dictate that we wear these pants more frequently than we’d prefer.
72. If you google “matt and steff”, our blog is the #1 listing. Sweet.
73. Our least favorite (ever) American Idol candidate was Constantine. We call him Constantinople. He was creepy.
74. Matt and Steff hung out with Jack Johnson at Deer Valley. Before Matt knew Steff, he spent time with Sting, Gwen Stefani, and the Samples.
75. We love to BBQ. Salmon, halibut and steak are among the favorites.
76. Steff’s parents are just finishing an LDS mission on temple square. Matt’s parents were just called to serve in Nauvoo.
77. We want to buy a cow, or at least half of one. Haven’t seemed to get our hands on one quite yet, but not for a lack of trying.
78. Matt’s family ranges from Russia to Utah. Steff’s family ranges from Wisconsin to Washington. Family reunions are difficult to arrange on both sides.
79. “Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.” - Better Off Dead
80. Our garage looks like a tornado hit it. It’s full of crud that is totally useless.
81. Matt likes to sing along to songs, but unfortunately (for those around mostly) is tone deaf.
82. Steff grinds her own wheat to make bread.
83. Our favorite restaurant is Tepanyaki.
84. Matt was the personal assistant for the Icelandic Winter Olympic team in ’02. He still keeps in touch with some of his contacts there.
85. We went on our first ever cruise in ’07. Matt ate more than is healthy.
86. Our favorite shows are Biggest Loser, The Office, 24, Lost, American Idol, Prison Break and The Apprentice. Steff watches Good Things Utah. That’s all we watch (as if that isn’t a ton already).
87. If we have a girl next, we like the names Louise and Muriel. No, this is not an announcement. Also, these are subject to change.
88. There was a hostage situation with the SWAT team in our first apartment. We moved out shortly after that.
89. Steff mows the lawn more often than Matt does. Is a lawn mower an acceptable Mother’s Day present?
90. Matt snores.
91. Steff kicks him when he snores.
92. Steff tans, Matt burns.
93.We dig Craigslist. We’ve both received and given from the site.
94. Our favorite holiday is Christmas. I think its because of all the traditions.
95. "I pledge allegiance... to the band... of Mr. Schneebly... and will not fight him... for creative control... and will defer to him on all issues related to the musical direction of the band." – School of Rock
96. We were both raised on real butter. One of the reasons we got along so well when dating. We may skimp and save on a lot of things, but selling out for margarine over real butter isn’t one of them. Thank you Moms.
97. Since we’re on the topic, Matt spreads butter over saltine crackers as a snack. It grosses Steff out.
98. We were the 6th house built in our development.
99. Our first Christmas’s budget for buying each other gifts was $20 a piece. Then we lost the family bowling competition and had to buy ice cream for all the siblings and spouses. Let’s just say we got to ponder the true meaning of the holiday’s that year.
100. Matt is perpetually cold and Steff is always hot.
101. T or F – Steff kissed Matt first.
102. Matt is an avid dart player.
103. Our favorite Queen song is Bohemian Rhapsody.
104. Matt loves seafood. Steff doesn’t.
105. We wanted 6 kids, but found out in some cases one kid can count for five.
106. “Just tell them that their wildest dreams will come true if they vote for you.” -Napoleon Dynamite
107. We get our news from CNN.
108. Matt’s bosses told him he could pick his title. All his work emails are labeled with the title, Super-Duper Staffing Consultant. Very few people catch it.
109. The initials of all the companies Matt has worked for since graduating college are CPRGPATAS. That spells PACT GRASP, which probably means something very important. If Matt was smarter he could figure it out.
110. This is hard. We don’t recommend anyone mimicking this post.
111. Just found the meaning of our kid’s names – Winston – joyful stone & Charlie – one who thinks farts are the funniest things ever. I guess we should’ve looked closer before we plunged into that one, eh?


Merri said...

You guys are funny! Where do I begin?
1. I am also a blogaholic and go to blogs anonymous
6. I was once the youngest child for 5 years then my little sister came and ruined my life. I hope you two are both happy.
13. We party all the time over here on 950 too bad you live on 880. We have murder mysteries, red neck and much more. When it warms up we'll all have to get together for something fun outside.
40. We also have companies we own and they don't make a penny! We love it!
43. I grew up with a girl named Steffani. The only time I had seen that name that way until now. It's ok people spell my name Mary.
62. Are you sure it was 9 months or was it more like 6? Or is that why you were engaged in 3 weeks?
71. I would LOVE to see these so called "FAT" pants. I don't think you two know the meaning of the word.
89. I don't think Wes has ever mowed our lawn here.

Love the post, love the blog!

Julie Yardley said...

31 is from better off dead- not ferris bulers day off. good try though. :) - i am queen of movie quoting- try me.

Julie Yardley said...

61. lets do havasupi this summer!!! its the best place ever.

Melissa said...

this is so kewl:
45. I made it into the post yahoo!
54: 145 mph? Serious? Shame on you.
3: Schneebly is hilarious. I can see you at least putting that as a middle name to one of your future chitlins.
7. How come we weren't invited to the root beer taste off?
50: Serious? I would marry Steff too.
61: WEIRD. Kyle has tried countless times to plan a vaca there too. Should we combine forces?
65: NO way. did he sing solotaire?
67: Powdered Sugar all.the.way.
86:You really need to add 30 Rock to your list. It be a funny show.
82: Joke. For sure. Right?
101: False

You guys should do this again at 1,111.

Julie Yardley said...

sorry about all the comments, but i cant do it all in one... i too hate constantine!!! he's like, pedophile gross.

Julie Yardley said...

77. we have cows, and lots of them.
83. yummy!
You should get together with Gavin. He can quote all of school of rock. his favorite is "read between the lines my friend. read between the LINES!!!" -lets hope he doesnt get that anytime soon.
103. i grew up listening to queen. my dad is a total die hard. as im reading this, we have a lot more in common than i realized! Way fun post!!

Julie Yardley said...

62. gavin was born 5 months after we got married. thats how we roll.

Josie said...

Havasupai is going to be our first "American Holiday." When we start to holiday in America that guys can come :)

You know your true dream vacation is Moscow Russia. Sometime in February, when the temp hovers around -20.

I can't believe you call 8 kids "largish" What is 'ish' about that large??

I've always mowed the lawn more than Jeff....he has an aversion to working on Saturdays. He thinks it's a good Saturday if you've been fishing before noon. I think it's a good Saturday if all the weekend chores are done before noon. We solved our dilema by moving to a gated community where we have people (aka green guys) to work for us. It's lovely. I don't even have to change a lightbulb, much less shovel snow or mow grass.

Matt and Steff said...

OK. I have to defend myself here. I've already been told that people have lost respect for me and all sorts of other stuff because I missed that quote. I didn't miss it, I just did a typo. I was doing all the quotes at the same time and sprinkling them through. I 100% know that was from Better Off Dead. I know the entire scene around the quote. It was spoken by one Charles Demar, Lane Meyer's best friend and drug addict. Please stop giving me grief people. Typo. Deal with it. :-)

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

Love this post...We want to come to some of these parties!

Tricia said...

I was going to make 111 responses.
Yeah well...not that committed...thanks for the fun reading.

Tammy said...

so lets see...
1. also a blogaholic. I waste way too much time on the internet. It makes me sad when I don't have any new comments. :(
8. we can't top three weeks, but we were about 6 weeks of dating and then we were unofficially engaged.
13. Love the parties, we'll be there anytime. You gotta start hitting the 950 parties too like merri said.
14. We might find a triathlon relay to bring Steff in on since she is such a good swimmer. Steff can swim, Merri will run and I guess I get stuck with biking. It would be fun!
32. So the roll your tongue thing is genetic. My dad can't do it along with a certain small percentage of the population (not sure on the exact numbers). So you either can or you can't, not something you can change, Darn!
103. I vote for "Fat Bottom Girls" as the best Queen song! I love it. I have their whole greatest hits CD memorized!

Don't worry I most likely won't repeat your craziness on this blog, but it sure was fun to read all that about you guys!

Mike and Adrianne said...

My favorite thing about reading your 111 random things is imagining you both sitting there laughing about what to put on. You guys are are so funny.

There are too many to comment on so I won't but it was fun reading! I'm so glad you blog.

Dave and Karen said...

Not a specific number because "Schneebly" was mentioned quite a bit. STill funny!

Also.... "I want my two dollars!"

"Fronch fries, fronch dressing, fronch bread,......"

I love that movie!

d/b/c/m said...

LOVE this post.

i'm not going to number my comments, sorry.

let's see...

--i thought constantine was cute.
-you're right, root beer IS the best.
--i had forgotten that he was due exactly 9 months after, kinda funny. (kinda tramatic).
--you guys are awesome and so perfect for each other
--SALT on grapefruit. yum.

Julie Yardley said...

whats the matter? did post #111 burn you out? i need more posts! and pictures!