Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jack is coming back!

When Jack Johnson comes to town, we drop everything. He hasn't come to SLC the last two summers (very disappointing) so we were pretty stoked when we found out he was coming this August. Thanks to the Batchelors, we were able to get in on the presale for the tickets and we are looking forward to another chill evening listening to Jack perform.

Before Jack had made it to radio and mainstream music, Matt was introduced to him by his buddy Josh. Impressed and addicted to Jack's music, Matt introduced the music to his friend Kari Bushman who was the music director at 107.5 The End and told her she needed to get this stuff on the radio. She said she'd give it a shot and decided the song that lent itself best to radio was Taylor. His stuff instantly caught on and off it/he went.

As his popularity increased, he started touring. His first time to Utah was a little club, but this was before many people knew him. The second visit he was opening for Ben Harper at Deer Valley. Steff was 8 1/2 months preggo with Winston, and we went to the concert. While there, we met up with another buddy who took us backstage to meet Jack. It was pretty fun to sit and chat with him. He was awesome. We actually told him we would name our baby Jack. Oops.

Anywho, we can hardly wait to see him again this year. We're so glad he's back. If any of y'all are planning to be there, let us know. Jack, if you're reading this, you can pay us back by hooking us up with tickets to one of your Hawaiian shows... and surfing lessons.


Sarah said...

I can't believe you have met Jack! We are huge fans. Well, I am. If Liberty was a boy we were going to name her Jack, because I love Jack Johnson and Trevor loves Jack Bauer from 24. We know we are dorks. Let me know how the show is. You are soooo lucky.

Melissa said...

Jack Johnson, Jack Bauer - there are lots of extra cool Jack's in this world (jack in the box excluded).
Never knew you met him. That should have been on the 111. How did you guys get so kewl?

Nat said...

Yeah, so I though at first when I read your title it had to do with Jack Bauer, but I do like Jack Johnson too. Really cool that you have met him and are probably the reason he is doing so well! That ought to be a fun show.

Kari said...

Kari Bushman appreciates the mention. She's a blogger too. You should check it out.

You two are the cutest parents ever!