Friday, January 25, 2008

Bag Tag

My friend, Mel, tagged me to show all the contents of my purse. Since I haven't owned a purse idea how long, here are the contents of my diaper bag.
Here we have a real nice designer bag from Target. Yes, that was supposed to be a joke. I tried to at least get it standing up straight and tall for the picture but it was too embarrassed and tried to crunch in half. Truth be told, I actually really like this bag. It holds up well and it holds a lot of stuff comfortably. I have to be honest...I JUST barely cleaned this out. Normally, there would be all sorts of ziplock baggies of leftover snacks, fruit snack wrappers, crumbs, church and preschool papers, receipts and, well, you get the idea. But maybe we can just pretend it's always this clean and that I am a really great and organized person. So, let's have a looksie...
2 tubes of Cetaphil Lotion
1 pack of Trident Gum
Broken cell phone for C to play with
2 Costco booklets of coupons
One For the Money church pamphlet
Coupon/Receipt organizer
My cell phone
Part of my broken necklace that Charlie ripped off my neck
2 diapers
$1 bill and some change
Book of stamps
2 pens
My wallet is usually in there but it's currently out in the van
and I was too lazy to get it for the picture.

This is a crummy picture but it shows one of the features that helps me stay a little organized. There are lots of pockets in this bag and they have labels like "diapers", "wipes", "bottle", "things", etc. It works well for me because it keeps me from randomly tossing things in every which way and I know where everything is...or should be. :) So, that's it in a nutshell.

Now I tag Natalie, Angie, Julie and anyone else that wants to do it. Have fun!


Nat said...

Well, maybe tonight while I'm at work I can empty out my bag and see what's inside. Hey by the way, those rolls were delicious! They were gone within 10 minutes of you leaving, no joke. The kids both had two. Good job, I'll have to get the recipe.

Becca said...

Hey is that a prada bag? lol

Angie Penrose said...

Oh man this could be scary.:)