Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Weekend 2008

We started out the weekend by going to Winston's preschool graduation on Friday night. It was a cute little program with some funny songs and performances by the kids.

This is Winston with his teacher, Ms. Tanya. She has been such a wonderful teacher and Winston sure loves her. Luckily, he will have the opportunity to attend her preschool again next year as he just misses the deadline for Kindergarten. We are glad he will get to participate in another year because Ms. Tanya goes above and beyond with her curriculum, field trips and activities for the kids. You can tell she really loves her job. Winston has learned so much. He is already adding numbers and spelling short words. Ms. Tanya said he did excellent this year, especially for a first year student. We're so proud of our little Winston.

Saturday morning, we went up to Heber Valley and did the "Day Out With Thomas ". It was such a fun morning and we will definitely be "on board" to do this again next year. (sorry for the dumb play on words)

While we waited for the train, there was a little petting zoo for the kids to walk through. Here is Charlie trying to grab the horse's ear. So sweet! :)

Here is W sporting his totally awesome Thomas tattoo. So cool.

Winston, Dad and Charlie in front of another train before it departed.

Once we got on the train, Charlie had a blast looking out the window. Mom and Dad were happy because the two seats faced each other (so we were knee to knee) and it was really easy to trap Charlie in and keep him from running down the aisle.

Mom and Dad were too lazy to stand in the LONG line to meet Sir Topham Hat so we had Winston stand here with STH in the background talking to another lucky kid. Aren't we the best parents?!

This was a beautiful view of a field of wildflowers (dandelions) from the train ride. This was right before the breathtaking river (irrigation ditch) and the cute little sleeping (dead) kitty laying half in/half out of the water. We also saw some really neat backyards, one of which had a guy in sweatpants, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat mowing his lawn. Thanks Heber Valley Railroad for the picturesque scenery.

Winston enjoying the ride

Once again, Mom and Dad were too lazy to stand in line to get a picture sitting on the front of Thomas. We just went to the end of the plastic fencing and took a picture of us with a kid with much nicer parents getting his picture taken right next to Thomas in the background. At least I don't deny we're lazy. Winston looks like he is about to cry, but deep down I think he was really happy he didn't have to stand in that long line.

Saturday night, we got a babysitter and headed to the sweet Spanish Fork Theater to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It was pretty cheesy but we had a fun time gorging ourselves on popcorn, soda and nibs. Yummy.

Monday morning, we visited my Grandma and Grandpa Smith's graves. I was worried nobody was going to put any flowers on them but there were already 11 pots of flowers when we got there. We added three more and I was happy that my grandparents and Aunt Marilyn's graves were so well represented. It was neat to tell Winston about my Grandparents and Aunt and to honor and remember them on this special day.

On the way home, we hit the Memorial day sales and bought a new lawnmower and some patio furniture. Let's just say it was a tight fit in the van. Winston thought it was really fun to ride in the batcave but Charlie was a little distressed about it.

None too pleased about this situation

To finish off the holiday, we had a street BBQ in front of our house. Unfortunately, our camera had a little run in with Charlie and a rain storm so we had to use our video camera all weekend. The pictures aren't the best but at least we have some. I only got one showing a few people that turned out okay from the BBQ. Oh well. It was fun to hang out with the neighbors and eat some good food. It was a great holiday weekend!


Megan & Shawn said...

Your boys are too cute! Sam would love the Thomas train ride! We are jealous. I also got to give you kuddos for fitting all of that in the van, and I would agree with Charlie, a little distressed.

Angie Penrose said...

How fun! R would have loved the Thomas the train outing. I love the pic of Charlie with the box on his head. Too funny! Yes Scottie is living on lake tapps! It's so fun. For some reason though I'm not as daring as I was back in highschool!

Lisa said...

You guys crack me up. Those pictures of Winston in front of the train and Sir whats-his-face (We don't know much about Thomas around here) and also Charlie with the box are really funny. Their expressions say it all.

Nat said...

Man, busy weekend! Sounds like you had some fun times. We did the thomas thing a year or two ago, it was pretty fun. Jordan still takes about it, we need to do it again too. By the way, mean parents are the BEST!!I love the shots of the boys in the van! It was nice to visit for a minute today, thanks for swinging on by, call us when you want to get together.

Shawn and Lily Wheatfill said...

We love your patio set!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

those pics of the kids in the car are SOOO funny!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

The boys would love that! We just went to a farm and didn't want to stand in the long lines either so we didn't let the boys know what the lines were for so they wouldn't be sad we weren't standing in line. Long sentence... Anyway, looks like a fun weekend.

Tammy said...

we should have combined our memorial day parties for our blocks, we were out also that day. Looks like a lot of fun that weekend. I love it when we torture kids with shopping and getting smashed by the stuff. My kids are always, half happy and half upset too! Love it!

Tammy said...

BTW where does Winston go to preschool, is it here in Spanish? Just looking at my options for Bailey next year.