Friday, May 02, 2008

Favorite Friday

Yes, it's another cleaning product. I love it so much, I had to share. This Friday's favorite is Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray. Why do I love it so much?

-It is gentle enough to use around kids and food
-It kills 99.9% of bacteria: E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus (Staph.) and Streptococcus (Strep.)
-It leaves no harmful chemical residue

I'm a big fan of the Clorox wipes and their fresh, clean smell but I don't really want that smell on my countertops where I am putting food. I don't love using them on the tray of the high chair that my baby is eating off of either.

This stuff is wonderful. I like to bake a lot which often requires rolling out dough on my countertop. It kind of freaks me out what might be on the countertop and that it might get into my food. I don't really want to use bleach water (another cleaner I like to use) or the scented Clorox wipes because I don't want the smell or residue in my food. The perfect solution...Clorox Anywhere Spray. I wipe the counter top off really well and then give it a good spray of CAS and wipe it again and wait a minute until it dries. It doesn't smell at all and my counter is clean and ready for me to roll out my dough.

I also love to use it on my kitchen table and I use to use it all the time on Charlie's high chair. I read once that it is safe enough to spray on a baby's binky. I buy bottles of these 4-5 at a time when they go on sale. I think I might be keeping Clorox in business. :)


Angie Penrose said...

I bought your last favorite and love it. In fact I'm going to go douse all my toilets before I go to bed. :) I'll have to try that one too! Thanks for all the tips.

Nat said...

I remember seeing a commercial for that and thought I needed to buy some, but then apparently forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder!

Becca said...

yeah you might have some gibbs on there...haha