Monday, March 16, 2009

Life is Good--er.

We thought it would be appropriate to share with our blog stalkers the follow up to this last post.

Since posting, we had many people offer to help in many ways. We have such great friends, neighbors and family.

We want to especially thank Shawn and Lily for their generous 'donation' to our predicament. It will be nice to be able to wash our clothes and pick which temperature we want to use. That will be a new experience for us as a couple. We are so grateful.

Thanks one and all,
-The McGhies


Mark & Lorri said...

It is nothing that you guys wouldn't do for others. I am glad you have such great friends/family in the area. It makes worrying from a distance soooo much easier :) Remember - hot for whites, cold for colors.

Shel & Aaron said...

When me and Aaron got married, we had a washer and dryer taht sound a lot like that. They were even pea green! Those were the days ;)
Glad everything is okay now.

Shawn and Lily said...

We're glad you guys could use it. I am sorry Shawn brought it over when Matt was sick though, we really should've called and asked if we could drop it by.

Nat said...

Hey good seeing you today, I do love the flagpole! And I think the new washe decor you have in your living room is just the touch it needed! :) hehe love you guys.