Friday, February 13, 2009

Anyone know a senator?

For anyone who's ever offered to help us out, here's your chance.

If you live in Utah - please help. If you live in Spanish Fork - please, please help.

Clay's Law is moving on to the next steps.

The hearing that it passed on Thursday was the first of seven steps to make it a law. Here's what's still to come:

2. Senate Vote - The whole Senate will be able to vote on Clay's Law. (Wednesday, Feb 18th)
3. House Sub Committee Hearing
4. House Vote - The whole House of Representatives will be able to vote on Clay's Law
5. Appropriations Sub Committee - This sub committee decides if it's worth the money to pass
6. Governor - After passing all of that, Gov. Huntsman can still Veto the Law.

So, we have to make sure it gets through the Senate Vote. Here's what we know and here's how people can help:

The Senate vote is on Wednesday, Feb 18th at 2pm.

We need all the help to call or email the senators in Utah and let them know you expect them to vote yes on Clay's Law. Here's how to do it:

Step 1 - Find the senator for your district. You can get their contact information on this site Just enter your address and it will give you your reps' info.

Step 2 - Contact them via email or phone and ask them to support Clay's Law. This site will help you to know what to say:

Step 3 - Comment on this blog and let us know which rep you contacted and if they were responsive.

Now, for all you Spanish Fork-ers, we especially need your help. Here are our reps -

Representative Michael T. 'Mike' Morley - State House District 66 (Republican)
Cell Phone: 801-636-0296

Senator Mark B. Madsen - State Senate District 13 (Republican)
Office (801) 361-4787

Most importantly right now is Sen. Mark Madsen. We talked to his aid today who told us Sen. Madsen isn't supportive of Clay's Law. We need to let him know we want him to vote for Clay's Law. Respectfully tell him you'll be watching his vote on Wed.

Lastly, ask him to watch the Clay's Law video at:

Thank you all for your support and love and prayers. If this law passes it will have a tremendous impact on many families like ours.

Expect more to follow...

PS - I just got a list of the Senators that are either against it or on the fence. If any of these are your senators, please please please contact them:



cathy said...

Wish I lived in Utah! Good luck with this one...

salyman said...

I sure hope that they wake up and listen.