Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Charlie Blog

There have been a few people that have requested more frequent updates on Charlie, our autistic and epileptic son.

To address this, we've decided to establish a separate blog where we'll keep tabs on him.

If anyone is interested in following it, you can find it here:

We have two posts there now -- one is a 'what this blog is' post and one is a 'tell all' post to bring anyone up to speed who may be interested in the background. From here we'll start to provide regular updates on the happenings.

Please understand that we're not looking for sympathy or donations or anything else. We are just providing a place where our friends and family that don't get regular updates can stay plugged in. We're going to be pretty straight forward with things, so it may not always be the happiest blog, but it will be real.


Shawn and Lily said...

I'm glad you guys started a blog for him. He is such a sweet little guy and I know we are always wondering how he is doing and how your family is doing. Steff have you ever read Jenny McCarthy's book about her son who had autism?

Whitney said...

Great idea! I never knew that he started having trouble after his MMR. So scary. I've given it to all my kids but I've always been afraid of it!!

Josie said...

Thanks Matt. It will be sooo nice to get updates!

Patti said...

Thanks for the update. I had no idea. My sister (who I live with) has been dealing with a lot of this... my 3yo nephew has SPD but luckily had intervention early because of some weight issues. He is "behind" but doing well and is my favorite little guy in the world. And he is sooo smart! Sounds like Charlie. :)

There is an amazing talk by E.Holland that I just read:,4945,538-1-4543-1,00.html In it he says, "If you are having a bad day [or a lot of oppostion], you’ve got a lot of company—very, very good company. The best company that has ever lived." What a great blessing to be trusted with such a special little boy!

salyman said...

Thanks for starting the blog on Charlie. We are always wondering how things are going for you.