Saturday, October 25, 2008

I tri'd

Last Tuesday some friends told us about a local triathlon that was a couple of days away. Steff told me about it so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was a 'super sprint' triathlon so it wasn't really too bad.... right? Hey, it shouldn't matter that I haven't swam since June, only run twice in the last year and haven't ridden a road bike for like 8 years... why should that bother me?

Holy crap. I thought I'd just breeze through it and get a feel for how these things worked. Let's just say that it hurt. I could barely drag my keester out of the pool, wrecked on my bike about 200 yards after I got on it, and thought my legs were going to fall off on the run. At the end of the day, I finished and actually achieved my goal of doing it in under one hour (I guess I don't set my sights too high goal-wise). I did it in 54 minutes and took 37th place!!! Yipee!!

Here's the proof:

The Pre-race

Entering the Pool

Riding the bike off

Off on the run

Coming up on the finish line

P.S. Um.... only 40 people participated. I just couldn't lead you on like that....


Tammy said...

on 40 people! come on now, there were like 150? you mean 40 in the road bike division? You finished, and that's all that matters though, right?

Merri said...

Hey at least you didn't finish 40th. I want to do one someday...I'm waiting for Steff to teach me how to swim. I think she was embarrassed the one time she swam with me b/c I had orange floaties on my arms. Or maybe she was embarrassed of my nose plug, I'm not sure. :-)

Shawn and Lily said...

That's still awesome. I bet the swimming was still a breeze for you!

Rock said...

Dude... did you photoshop your biceps into that picture.
Nice job! I would have loved to have joined you, however you needed the bike more than me.

Sarah said...

Is there anything you won't do? You are awesome! How are you guys doing?