Friday, September 19, 2008

Mom's 2 cents

I just have to add a few fun facts about our little Winston.

-He goes by the nicknames Win, W, Dubbs and the occassional Winnie (which Matt DOES NOT approve of)

-His current favorite song is "Apologize" by One Republic

-Favorite color - Green

-He's very smart and loves to learn. He has been so excited to learn to read this year in preschool.

-He has such a good little heart (most of the time) and really cares about people.


*He always pats me when I'm having a hard time with Charlie and tells me "it's okay Mom".

*One time I ended up getting a fat lip in one of my daily struggles to change Charlie's diaper. It hurt really, really bad and I admit I had a few tears. He came up and hugged me and said "Don't worry Mom. When I get big like Dad, I will hold Charlie's legs down for you so you can change his diaper.

*Out of the blue one day he said "when I get big like Dad and you and Dad are gone, I will take care of Charlie and I will make him scones." (Scones are one of Winston's favorites)

*He prays every day that Charlie's seizures will go away and that Steven, Blain and Grandmas and Grandpas will be safe on their missions (I don't think he understands my parents are done with thier mission but it still works)

These are just a few of the sweet things he has said and done

-He loves anything Star Wars

-There is no shortage of "I love you's" or loves and kisses when it comes to Winston. He can be very affectionate.

-He loves little babies and would love nothing more than to have a baby sister.

-We love him to pieces and we're so thankful to have this wonderful little person in our family.



Dana P said...

Winston is such a cute little guy! It sounds like he is really growing up, why can't they stay little forever?

Let us know when Winston gets his wish for a little sister! :)

Josie said...

So sweet Steff! Hope he had a happy day. He's a great little boy.

Sandy said...

We think Winston is pretty sweet too...he always lets Cassie tag along after him and she LOVES him.

Shawn and Lily said...

Your such a cute Mom Steff.

The Chizel Family said...

oh how sweet.geese I just got all teary eyed. what a precious little guy.

StevenandAndrea said...

Aren't you glad he was born in Sept. so you have one more year at home with him? What a sweetheart.

Thomas Family said...

We love Winston! You are a great mom who is raising two great sons. I know it hasn't always been easy, but they know they are loved and you are teaching them great value and compassion. I am not surprised that Winston is such a sweet boy, he has two great parents.

Thomas Family said...

Not to mention a great aunt *snort*

Did you get any presents in the mail lately? I sent you a little something something to remember me by. haha

Melissa said...

What a boy! He is so sweet to pray for Charlies seizures to go away and I hope his prayers are answered soon. It is also wonderful that he says he will take care of Charlie - that is EXACTLY what he does when we watch your boys. He takes great care of Charlie and it is so neat to see his care and concern for his little brother.

We love you Win, W, Dubbs - you are a special guy!

Tammy said...

super cute. Winnie is such a good kid. That's because he has such good parents. I LOVE the idea of having presents ready when they wake up. It makes a birthday so much more fun.

Ps.-I tag you! Check my blog