Monday, August 11, 2008

4th of July

The fourth of July was perfect this year. We had a nice BBQ with neighbors followed by lighting off fireworks in the street. It was nice, laid back and fun. Here are a few pictures from the fireworks...

Cute little Cassie enjoying the show

Some of the Dads

Matt let Winston light off some of the fireworks this year. Still not sure how I felt about that.

Some of the Dads ended the evening by playing Rockband at our house. It was a happy holiday.

(Hey, if you could just pretend not to notice we still haven't finished painting our back wall, we would really appreciate it. Things have been a little busy...cut us some slack, man!)


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Shawn and Lily Wheatfill said...

We played rock band at our friends home a couple months ago and we thought it was pretty fun.

Tammy said...

anytime you need some Rock Band buddies, we'll be your friends! HEHE

Thomas Family said...

Why don't you just photoshop your back wall painted. You could also photoshop some really expensive furniture in and maybe some supermodels to stand in for your and Matt. Then we would all feel less about ourselves and have to photoshop our pictures to make us look better. See this is the inexpensive way of keeping up with the Joneses :) haha
I think your house is great! We have the same decorating style, laid back.