Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sharkfest... Matt's take.

So, as Steff mentioned, we're 23 days until the big swim. Oh good grief.

We just got back from swimming. I finally swam my first mile. Tonight was my first time hitting that milestone. Impressed? Well, 3 months ago you could've been. 23 days before the swim? I'm probably in trouble.

The event organizers suggest that to be prepared for the event, you should be swimming a mile comfortably in under 40 minutes. My mile was a 48 minute mile. Once again, I'm probably in trouble.

Also, I haven't ever swam in open water. I'm told there's a pretty significant difference between the pool and open water. I guess 50 degree rolling seas, salt water splashing in your mouth for 90 minutes, a cross current methodically pulling you away from your destination, not being able to see past your elbow, and being in the middle of an ocean where you can't stand up and adjust your goggles may be a bit different than the training grounds. I should probably go practice that.

So, wish me luck.


Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm impressed you can swim a mile Matt. YOu will do awesome.

Thomas Family said...

You can do it Matt (as I am secretly relieved that I "might" be able to swim faster than just one person in the group). I have pondering and taking advice from people if it would be better to swim in the middle of the group (like I have that option) or to stay on the edges. One smart alec sait to swim in the front. Yeah, right. See you there with your squid lid on (I think that is swimmer lingo for swim cap but I am not sure).

Josie said...

My mile slows down even with another swimmer in the pool....I can't imagine what a wave or two would do to it. Good luck!!

Melissa said...

Um wow. I can barely walk a mile and a half. You two are the bomb. What an experience. Good luck!

Tammy said...

you should try swimming in Spanish Fork res, I heard it's pretty cold, might be good practice. And I think it isn't all that clear. That or Salem pond is nice. Salem pond is like 1/2 mile from one end to the bridge and back. Better than practicing with the sharks!