Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finding Help For Our Sweet Charlie

After some really awful experiences with medications to treat Charlie's epilepsy, we decided to take him to a Homeopathic Doctor. We decided we will try pretty much anything we feel is safe before we try another medication. They really messed him up. He was like a different boy...cranky all the time, he stopped talking, his learning was slow, he needed to sleep a lot and was upsetting to all of us. So, we felt the best thing was to take him off medications all together for the time being. They were not stopping the seizures anyway, so we weren't doing any harm.

We've tried no dairy diets and a few other small things that haven't seemed to do a whole lot but we feel like there is something out there to help him. We just need to find it. Matt's boss was recently telling him about their daughter who had some health problems and their friend suggested this homeopathic Dr. They have had no luck with other treatments so they figured they would give it a try. It has only been a couple weeks but her problems seem to be getting better with the herbs and regimen the H.D. has given her.

Why wouldn't we try it? There's nothing to lose (except a lot of's a bit expensive and insurance doesn't cover it.) So, we took him to his first appt. yesterday. I knew it was going to be a little "different" and had somewhat mentally prepared myself. She did her testing and found quite a few things out of whack in Charlie's poor little body. She said he has three major things that need to be taken care of and if an adult had just one of those things, they would be in severe depression. She told me he is an overactive child (really? I hadn't noticed!). I was feeling a little overwhelmed and I was really glad Matt was there.

So, she gave us a list of things to do to help C and we are going back for a second appt. in two weeks. She said we should notice a difference in him by then...less seizures, calmer, etc. I am just worried about doing everything she "prescribed." She told us to feed him 4-5 slivers of garlic a day and to blend 3 stalks of cilantro in a half a cup of water and have him drink that daily as well. do you get a two year old to eat stuff like that? She is also having us use a blend of three essential oils and olive oil to rub on his head, neck and feet each day. Then we've got to get him to take 30 drops of Kid-e-Mune, 20 of Kid-e-Calc and 30 of Kid-e-Trac (also daily) and give him chewable Calcium with Magnesium after each seizure. See what I mean about overwhelming? Oh, and did I mention he cannot have dairy anymore...and Soymilk is not allowed either. So, I get to buy the super duper expensive Rice Milk. I thought the Soymilk was expensive until I had to start buying this stuff. We are going to have a tough time eliminating cheese from his diet as well since it is one of his favorite foods. :(

Honestly, if it works, it will be worth it a million times over. I really want to believe it's going to help. I know a lot of people have had success with natural healing methods. I hope we are one of them. Pray for us...mostly for our little Charlie. I don't know what to do for him. I wish I could just sweep in and take away all his problems and let him have a normal, hassle free childhood. I know there are a lot of people out there who have problems worse than ours. Sometimes I just need to let a little of the worry out.


D/B/c/m said...

this totally made me cry. there is nothing harder than seeing your little ones sad or sick and not having power over it.

i send up prayers and i'm glad you've found a good osteopathic doctor.

Aaron & SherRae said...

Hey Steff, long time no talk. I think that last time I saw you was up here in Enumclaw when we went to lunch with the girls. Anyway, I just wanted to say stick with this. We have had to see a homeopathic doctor quite a bit and it is hard and really expensive (especially to follow everything), but for us, it has totally worked. My kids had awful allergies that are now gone. I know allergies are nothing like what you guys have to deal with, but hang in there.